Green at the gills and Angry

I am not a well person. Good news: the back of my throat looks like the seven plagues, and it’s fun to look at. Bad news: the back of my throat FEELS like the seven plagues.

I have been getting some fierce knitting done, though. Mom has practically forced a few pounds of pastel variegated acrylic worsted yarn on me, so I’m combining it with a ball of acrylic scraps originally meant for the ugly blanket and making a Danica. A very very hideous one. I intend to send it to James to keep him cold and sweaty and itchy for his adventures in New York.

I was going to use it to make a modified Amy for mom for Christmas, but that pattern is just frustrating me. I’m making one in some novelty yarn (in peony) that Dani gave me, and it’s all right, but it would be so much easier to just knit three long strips using stitch holders, and then braid them and re-attach them.

What a post. No pictures and a lot of whining. Here’s a bit of cheer:

BAM! Sunrise! No, of course I wasn’t coherent that early. Photo by mom.


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