Well, hello there, Internet.

Here are the details:

Who: My name is Mel, and I am a college student in Utah who stitches, reads, writes, gossips, and takes her cat on daily walks.

Good evening.My name is Mel.

Speaking of the cat, let me introduce you to Winston:

Okay, so that isn’t his best shot. But look at the tummy! Look at the paws!

Here is a more figure-flattering angle. He really is the perfect cat.

He loves loves loves to play. This poor ribbon was originally going to be the ties to my, but alas, Winston had different plans for it. Good riddance, I say. I found a better ribbon anyway. I’ll post about the Party Apron later, perhaps, for those of you without a ravelry account.

And here he is in action mode. He’s not yet six months old in these pictures, and already the size of an adult cat! More to love.

And he likes to play. Cute, huh?

Well, enough of the who. On to the what:

I hope to keep track of my thoughts and craftings here. I have attempted this before with other blogging channels, and with little success. However, I just discovered Bloglines, and I’m hoping that my feeds will keep me in a blogging mood.


Ideally, every couple of days. Most likely late at night and on weekends. Not during school, if I can restrain myself.


Right here! But I blog in a rather uninspiring spot, generally. In front of the television on my laptop.


Okay, I’m sick of this whole format. Until next time!


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