You have my word of honor.

I’ve taken a pledge to buy only handmade products for Christmas, and request that my friends and family do the same. I’m excited for it so far, but I imagine it means only one thing: a lot of acrylic. Well, and a lot of amigurumi.

Really, jotting my name and location on a random internet page doesn’t really inspire me to dive off the hand-made deep end. But at least I’ll try. I already bought a little something for mom, but it’s not her main present, so I’m forgiving myself.

In other news, I’m still sick. I have a deadline tomorrow that I just remembered (holiday travel tips – should be a cinch). I’m thinking of posting my articles here, just for kicks. At least it would help me keep track of them. I’ll start on archives right this second.

And Winston says hello. He’s been very strange today.


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One response to “You have my word of honor.

  1. germonderpop

    Your Christmas present was handmade by ME.

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