Free money!

Free money!

Well, Sort of

Mel Sundquist

Issue date: 11/19/07 Section: Life

This month, UVSC’s intramural department has created a challenging scavenger hunt for athletic students, with a grand prize of two hundred dollars.

For the purposes of clarification and for those of us who admit Wii practice to be their favorite sport (after all, this is the life section), a definition of “intramural” should be given. It means sports, kids. The P.E. building is holding a scavenger hunt.

Here are the terms: Find some impossible items (a D.I. receipt for exactly $7.42), some simple ones (a one-cent stamp), and a couple outrageous objects (a picture of you kicking Bo Earls in the butt). Bring said items to the intramural office on Nov. 30 between one and four p.m.

Each object on the list (which can be found in the intramural office) is worth a set amount of points, with a total of 250 points possible. If anyone turns in the entire list before the due date, they will be rewarded with two hundred dollars.

After the due date, the first prizewinner will be given one dollar per point, and there will also be metaphorical silver and bronze medals given.

If ever there was a chance to make that pirate fantasy of yours real, this is it. Find all the pieces of hidden treasure, and visit the intramural office to collect (or pillage) your reward.


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