I give you permission to oogle.

Pretty, right?

This is my Branching out scarf, and I love it. It’s about … okay, I’ve got to measure it. I’m terrible at guessing sizes or lengths.

Okay. It is thirty-one inches long. It will get longer than that, of course. But at the moment it is thirty-one inches long.

I really love the yarn. So much. It’s the same yarn from that picture two posts ago, the Rowanspun DK that the fools at Rowan discontinued. I wasn’t sure about how the lace would work in this yarn, but it’s come up as very homespun and antiquey. It’s a very rugged countryside sort of lace.

Of course I have made mistakes that seemed like monstrosities the row after, but they’re just fine. You can’t see any of them in this picture, so don’t go searching for imperfections, ye scheming readers.

I’m also mad about how my handknits look in nature. Not that you can’t tell by looking at my photos. This scarf belongs to autumn.


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