Acceptable Vehicles

I’m car-searching. Come April, I will be selling the Mustang to find a more reliable, efficient, grown-up car. Here are my requirements:

  1. It must be a hatchback. I like the possibilities hatchbacks present.
  2. Highway mileage must be twenty-seven or above.
  3. Must be able to weather long distances.
  4. It must NOT be white. I will settle for a black or silver car if everything else is perfect.
  5. I can’t afford anything higher than $9,000.

Here are the cars that I am considering, in alphabetical order.

1. Audi A3

I don’t so much like the look of this car, but it meets the basic requirements. Plus, I like the idea of driving a German car almost as much as an American one. Actually, I would be very surprised if I wound up owning an A3.

2. Chevrolet Aveo

Realistically, this is my second choice (beat out by the Focus). But I don’t like the size of those tires at all. It just doesn’t look sturdy enough.

3. Ford Focus

This is my number one choice. I like the lines, I like the size, and I like the mileage (a lot). I’d prefer one post-2004. Also, it recently came to my attention (thanks, mom) that they’ve stopped making the hatchbacks. And I always like a car that is no longer produced. I can definitely see myself driving this car. Not in this color, of course. I’m quite used to driving a yellow car.

4. Honda Fit

Does this come with two doors? I’d like that much more. Wait, maybe I wouldn’t. Because if those back seats can fold down, think of how comfortable this would be to sleep in. Perfect for road trips.

5. Honda Civic

Could I still respect myself if I drove a Honda Civic? It would be tough, but maybe I could. I mean, it has to be reliable if it’s so popular, right? And this car doesn’t look too bad. I guess it would make me feel kind of … kicky.

6. Kia Spectra

I would have to get the two-door. I am not liking the look of that grill.

7. Mini Cooper

Only if I can find one for the right price with fold-down back seats would I even consider this. But … it is kind of cute.

8. Pontiac Vibe

This is as mommy-wagon as I could possibly go. But it is a nice car, isn’t it?

9. Scion xA

I really really really like Scions. But, I doubt I could find one in my price range.

10. Scion xB

This is the largest I would go. And I suspect I’d get a lot of crap for driving this car, but I like it so much! Problem: I’d have to replace my windshield every five minutes. I ruled out a Jeep for just that reason, but … it’s a Scion!

11. Suzuki Aerio

I really like this one. In fact, it might just tie with the Aveo. Yes, I just decided that it does. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me introduce you to my second choice: the Suzuki Aerio.

12. Toyota Yaris

Yeah, it’s a long shot. But it’s so cool!

13. Volkswagon Golf

Not the cutest. But I like the idea behind it. And I hear it’s a nice car.

14. Volkswagon Rabbit

Another obscure chance. But it seems like a nice car, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to drive it.

Okay, so that’s all of it. Suggestions, warnings, or ideas welcome!


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