Too busy reading to write.

I have a fantastic Bloglines account. I just became aware of this today. But I really have collected a wonderful menagerie of blogs, and I thought it is only right to share some of my favorites. If you are anxious and want to see the entire collection, my account name there is valleyadvice, as far as I can tell. It is kind of confusing. Anyway …

1. ah-yi

Just a wonderful, simple, beautiful blog. My favorite thing is that though the author is originally from Taipei, the blog is in English. The bad grammar (and I say that in the most complimentary way) is charming and matches the pictures well.

2. Anna Maria Horner

There are no words for how much I love this blog. Obviously, the pictures are wonderful. It’s a new American aesthetic, and … I just love it!

3. Brooklyn Tweed

For the true yarn addict. Everything here is so absolutely pretty. It’s hand spun paradise.

4. Bits and Bobbins

I’m having some problems putting photos on. Which is a shame, because this is a fantastic blog. The author is the founder of wardrobe_remix, which is one of the most inspirational things for a lazy morning.

5. Cute Overload

I know, I know, everybody and their (incredibly cute) dogs know about this website. But just in case one of my three readers is still ignorant of the cuteness, I had to slip this one in. If anybody would like to come to my house and convince me to submit a picture of Winston, you are welcome. He would just be so sad if they didn’t accept his picture.

6. Black Cigarette

Oh, how I loved LiveJournal. But then I found Bloglines, which made me feel much more grown up (and didn’t display comments). But, I have held on to a few of my old LJ addictions. Black cigarette is wonderful, because it is a large group of people, all of whom comment on fashion, art, travel, style, etc. There isn’t a specific topic or specific limitations. And in general, the posts are magnificent.

7. The Daily Purl

Simple and lovely. There is plenty of knitting, but I love this blog because of the hand weaving. This is something that I want desperately to do, but haven’t a clue where to start. Or where to find the patience for it.

8. Go Fug Yourself

Some people say this site is rude and cruel and the worst thing to ever happen to style, but I just love it. The redemption is in the fug: because ugly is something that’s not your fault, but fugly is something that you can change. Alicia keys wasn’t forced to wear the hideous bodysuit. Gemma Ward wasn’t tricked into putting on that terrible dress and those shoes that ruin even HER legs. I’m sure Nicole Kidman wasn’t coerced at gunpoint to age herself twenty years with that suit. Plus, the prose is witty and surprising.

9. Inside a Black Apple

I can’t read this blog without listening to the Decemberists. It just doesn’t happen. I don’t know why, but the two always go hand in hand in my mind. But look how adorable everything is!

10. Hoping for Happy Accidents

I admire this blog for its devotion to a specific style. All of the posts feature pictures of modern, contemporary, simple homes or tidbits with clean lines and an almost stark mood. I can’t seem to decide on a style for more than two days.

11. Kris’ Color Stripes

This site is absolutely brilliant. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

12. Ramblings of a Knitting Obsessive

It is hard to come by a good knitting blog penned by someone (around) my age. But this one is absolutely fantastic. The author just blows me away sometimes.

13. Ruby Crowned Kinglette

This blog makes me want to marry rich, never get a job, and stay at home all day sewing and cooking for the rest of my life. Look at how pretty everything is! I’m especially fond of the embroidery in the picture on the right.

14. The Sartorialist

I don’t know all of the details. But the author travels (and travels and travels) and takes pictures of well-dressed people on the street. And there is generally a nice caption, or description of why the picture was chosen.

15. Sew, Mama, Sew!

The tutorials on this blog (especially from November 2007) are spectacular. There are just so many!

16. Sfgirlbybay

I’m completely enamored with San Francisco, and so many of her posts are about the city. The pictures are fantastic and the content is entertaining. This is how I want to live someday, with a lot more knitting.

17. The Innerworkings of a Redhead’s Mind

This is my dear friend Janeal (yes, that is me impersonating Christian Bale on the far left – you’re such a good guesser!). She has a very witty new blog, and you should visit it. Go to!

18. Life as a Me

And this is the blog of my sister Jenn. She is very very silly, and her pictures are always fantastic. Because look at those nephews! They’re adorable!

I suppose that is enough for now. Enjoy!


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  1. germonderpop

    Hooray for you for linking my blog on yours! I like you. And I still haven’t figured out how the devil to do the linky thing. I’ll just keep writing nonsense.

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