I’ve noticed something lately. For months, I haven’t written anything unless it is going to be published. This just isn’t healthy! It isn’t me! My journal has been almost completely abandoned, and (I’m sure you’ve noticed) my blog doesn’t really contain much actual writing.

First thing to do when you have a problem? Blame other people.

First off, I blame English 1010. Now, when I write, I have to go through the WHOLE rhetoric process, because it has been put in my head, and I can’t get it out. My old writing used to be fluid, quick, organic, without drafts, and mindless. Mindless in a good way, that is. It just came from my gut. But now, as I type, I’m actively considering my audience, purpose, and genre. I’m searching for an equal representation of pathos and logos (I’ve totally given up on ethos until I’m a grown-up).

Second, I blame my knitting. Because I can just as easily record my thoughts in stitches, instead of on paper. The problem is, when people look at my lovely socks they think, Oh what even stitches, and not Oh what interesting ideas. I want to get to know this person.

Third, I blame my room. Because I have no place to put things. My room’s a great scapegoat.

Oh well, I’ve made some progress already. Here are a few paragraphs of actual writing. I hope you enjoyed them.

And here’s a kitty picture.

Winston: 1. Daisy: 0.


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