Pictures. Lots of pictures.

I finally faced the snow like a man and did a full-on yarn photoshoot. So now I have one million pictures, and eventually, you will see all of them. Just perhaps not tonight.

For right now I’ll just show you a bit of my Thanksgiving.

Benson, Jack, Adam, Dave, and Dani did a bit of turkey detox while watching the Christmas Story (a long standing tradition).

I whipped the meringue and started early on the potatoes.  Jenn was a cooking/baking MACHINE. I don’t really know what grandma was doing, but she sure stuck to that corner of the kitchen. Grandpa would come in once in a while and pester us to go faster.

I got mad at mom for daring to take eating pictures, and wore TWO different kinds of plaid! At the same time! Don’t worry, I said my hail Marys. Hail maries? I don’t know. Has that word combination become a noun in and of itself? Or is the “Mary” in it still a specific name?

It was also a collective celebration of November birthdays, and mom got a recipe book from Dani. And she made a very silly face. (Take pictures of me while I’m eating, will you? I told you you would get your reward!)


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