This is a strange thing. The yarn that actually looks nice is not, and the yarn that looks crappy is actually quite wonderful. The nice pink and green fuzzy stuff is actually all acrylic. It looks nice, it feels nice, it knits well, but it’s still acrylic. It will still make you cold and sweaty. But the black stuff (with the most ridiculous ply job) on top is actually 100% wool. It sure does look like acrylic, though.

Variegated yarn always looks so nice on a cone. But man, when it is actually worked … the pooling makes me shudder. But I really bought this yarn because it matches my blue spruce. Too bad evergreens don’t need mittens or sweaters.

Winston has learned how to sit like a regular cat. With all appendages symmetrically tucked. This doesn’t mean that he hasn’t abandoned the no-holds-barred exposed-underbelly flop. Which is a good thing, because I was starting to miss that underbelly.

But it’s still there! His lovely soft paunch. With the strange gray spot.

I try to make all of my yarns look good. But with red heart it gets kind of hard. But still, it’s fun. But still, they’re awful to work.

I s’pose that’s enough yarn photos. Have a nice weekend.


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