The Janeal.

How to make “the Janeal:”

  1. Crochet a doily. Or knit or tat it. Whatever floats your boat. Block meticulously, no matter how much you don’t want to. Measure the … diameter? Radius? Just measure it all the way across.
  2. Knit a swatch in stockinette that is wider (but not necessarily taller) than the aforementioned measurement. It should have a multiple of six stitches. Plus you can do a garter stitch border, if you want. Just make allowances for it. End with a wrong side row. Don’t bind off yet, miss hasty.
  3. Count the number of stitches on your needles. Divide that number by six. So now you have six sections of stitches, each with the same amount of stitches.
  4. Knit section 1.
  5. Bind off the stitches in section 2.
  6. Knit sections 3 and 4.
  7. Bind off the stitches in section 5.
  8. Knit section 6. Turn.
  9. Purl across, casting on where you dropped stitches previously, to make handles.
  10. Continue in stockinette for an inch or two.
  11. Block, if that’s your thing.
  12. Appliqué the doily to the bag.
  13. Fold the bag in half lengthwise, and sew together. You can do a lining if you’re really talented, or commission someone else to do it if you aren’t. I really do recommend lining this project, though, because the wrong side of the fabric gets messy in the appliqué-ing process.

Easy as pie.

Oh, and if you make something inspired by this, tell me about it, please. It will make me endlessly happy.

Edit: Futuregirl just made a fabulous tutorial that would work very well for the lining on this bag. Find it here.



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3 responses to “The Janeal.

  1. germonderpop

    This is going to become famous. It’ll be like “the afghan” or “the doily” and then, in my memoirs, I’ll put “Little known fact: ‘the Janeal’ crocheting pattern was named after me.”

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