A nice little meme.

From around n round she goes.

1. Whatcha reading?
A: The Headless Hawk by Truman Capote.
B: Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury.
C: The Devil Finds Work by James Baldwin.
2. How much of it have you read so far?
A: 29%. I’m anal about knowing exactly how far along I am in a book.
B: I just started. But I read the introduction twice because it is so fantastic.
C: 45%.
3. What’s it about?
A: So far, it’s about a man who works at an art gallery who is followed by a girl with short hair and green eyes. Then, she tries to sell him some of her art, and disappears before he can pay her. Then, he thinks that he sees her all over the place, but he doesn’t. It’s just because she’s on his mind.
B: A summer in Illinois from the point of view of a twelve-year old boy. It’s semi-autobiographical.
C: It’s about American films and race (of course) and how the former distorts Americans’ views of the latter.
4. What does the title refer to?
A: I haven’t the slightest.
B: In the introduction, the author talks about his writing process. He said that in the morning he would just start with a word and then laboriously write until he finished on the path that that word lead him to. He liked the sound of the two words together. He liked the way that the two words made him feel. But I don’t really get it yet.
C: It’s in reference to film.
5. Would you recommend it?
A: I wouldn’t jump right into it. Read some of Capote’s more understandable work first. An essay here, a novel there. This is pretty complicated.
B: Totally. But I hold a special place in my heart for novels about young boys’ summers. If you read this, you should also read Cold Sassy Tree.
C: People who are totally obsessed with Bradbury don’t usually like this one. But, it’s my first experience with the author, and I rather like it. I like it when a writer can publish something that’s unorganized and bitter and scathing just because he wants to. And he deserves it.


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