I have a problem with Cars. The movie.

Okay, so everything in the movie is metal and glass and rubber, right? No people, no animals, just machines with personalities. But, if everything on a car can be replaced, how do they maintain the same personality?

I think that a person’s character is stored in the brain – because I think it’s mostly environmental, and not genetic. And brain cannot be replaced. So, even if we change our hair color and wear colored contacts and get a tummy-tuck and a nice tan and a new liver, we’re still the same people. Because the core of us is stored in a place that cannot be exchanged.

So where are the cars’ personalities stored? As far as I know, there isn’t a part of the car that is so integral that it cannot be replaced. Engines, electrical systems, body – it’s driving me crazy!

I just can’t watch cartoons anymore. They mess with my head.


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  1. germonderpop

    It’s a movie, honey. I have to say things like that to my sister everytime she reads Harry Potter. “It’s a book.”

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