A wee update.

I know what you’re thinking. Mel, you suck. You never post pictures anymore. It’s ruining everything.

Well, I’m sorry dear friend. And I hope that these will remedy the distance between us:

I’ve been focusing most of my time on needlework projects that aren’t knitting. In other words, here is what I’m doing instead of finishing your Christmas present:

1. Cross Stitching. I don’t yet have a picture of this yet, but I’ve been designing some stuff, and it is brilliant, if I do say so myself. Of course, after I spent hours and hours and pulled muscles in my neck designing these cross-stitch patterns, I remembered that there was such a thing as knitpro. This is a lovely application that allows you to upload pictures and turn them into charts, be it for knitting, crocheting, or cross stitch. Or that plastic thing that I was really into as a kid. What is that called again?

2. Quasi-weaving.

Yes, it is one of those potholder-maker-things from the sixties. But it makes these lovely sparse little squares of fabric (that I have to starch the life out of). I’m going to turn them into wall hangings with a little collagey thing in the middle.

3. Tatting.

Isn’t the tatting shuttle a thing of beauty? I just adore it. And really, I haven’t been tatting so much as thinking about tatting and holding the shuttle and thread lovingly in my hands.

4. Taking pictures of the outside.

The light is so lovely this time of year. And we have these fantastic neon berries that I thought would have died long ago.

5. Taking Winston for walks.

He just loves the snow. Today, I brought in a snowball to end a dispute with, and he started licking it and wouldn’t stop. It’s a good way for him to stay hydrated, I guess.

6. Having a good time in general.

I’ll talk to you next year!


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One response to “A wee update.

  1. germonderpop

    I can never see your pictures when you upload them cuz our firewall is the devil.

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