Tada!: Warm AND dexterous

Pattern: Whitewater Wristwarmers by Jennifer Meyer (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light
Needles: US 3 dpn’s
Date Started: November 2007
Date completed: January 2008

My hands get so cold. I’ve got bad circulation, and especially in the winter they just turn into flesh-cicles. But a knitter can’t walk around all day wearing mittens, and so fingerless gloves are the answer. Or so I thought. Technically, they don’t cover my fingers at all. So they’re still cold. But my wrists are nice and toasty!

The yarn is, of course, lovely. I do get worried about how it will wear though – The halo gets a bit messy around the palm.

Mods I made:

  • You can see in the picture above, that I originally followed the pattern and ended with a few rounds of stockinette. But the rolling was hideous. So, I ripped back a few rows and switched to a 1×1 rib, like the cuff. I think this looks a whole lot better.

Mods I should have made:

  • You can see in some of the pictures that there are little holes here and there. These are due to a) purl-wise yarnovers, and b) my first thumb gusset. I should have twisted the yo’s, and not been an idiot about the gusset.

The pattern says that it is for a small hand, and it means it. My hands aren’t teeny, but are relatively small, and it’s a tight fit. It would be easy, though, to just add another pattern repeat or two and make these for larger hands.

I think this was my first run with dpn’s, and it was a great project for it. The columns of purls between lace cables makes a good camouflage for gaps. This is also a good second lace project – it incorporates moderate cabling, and the pattern is relatively easy to get used to.


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