Okay, I know this is strange. But this post does have a purpose. Two, actually.

  • To show off my new application, SnapzPro. I can make screen-shots! Woo-hoo!
  • To clue you in on how many hits you can get on your blog just by posting a link to something popular.

Anyway, look at this:

WTF? (And by the way, sorry for my immature language. I’ve got Amy Poehler imitating Britney Spears stuck in my head).

This happened during the middle of December as well. I was just middling along, with one to four views per day, and then BAM! Thirty-something hits!

I attribute this to my link to the abc-along. I should link other popular crafty things. But I’m a bit too lazy. Or I’m not stooping to that level just to get hits. Or I’m lazy.

Anyway, remind me to tell you my ktbl story. Because it will blow your little knitting mind.


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