Just a quickie.

This will be a hit and run post, but I just had to tell someone about how adorable Winston was this morning.

Our usual five minute cuddle session was particularly pleasant. He was just flat on his back the whole time with his little toesies all curled up. It was adorable. But that’s not the story.

I took him out for our regular ten-minute morning walk, and he was particularly adventurous. Trying to climb up trees, pouncing on (and into) piles of powdery snow, etcetera. But then, we both heard a terrible rumbling noise coming from around the corner. Winston immediately ran to his favorite spot in the driveway to investigate. The rumbling noise got louder, and then from around the corner peeked a terrible, gigantic, yellow snowplow!

Winston started to back up cautiously, as if perhaps the monster hadn’t seen him yet. But then, it just started coming closer and closer until it was almost right on top of us! My dear kitty put out a brave face for as long as he could stand, but finally gave up, jumped onto my leg, looked me straight in the face, and said “MOM! We’ve got to go inside! Puh-leeeeeeease can we go home?” Of course he said this with his eyes only, because he is a cat.

But it was like watching children on their first roller coaster ride. It was just so cute.

Also, there were strange tracks in the snow on my driveway this morning. I took a picture of them on my phone, but I have no idea how to get that picture from phone to blog. I’ll work on it.


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  1. yo mama

    Those strange tracks were actually caused by a young raccoon who visited our house early in the morning! Davey said it was a fairly small one and very cute, out looking for food, I’m sure. Good thing Winston wasn’t out and about then. That would NOT have been pretty! Snowplows may be loud, but raccoons have claws and BITE! (We had deer visit us, too, but no moose yet this winter!)

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