E is for excuses. Here are mine:
1. I switched purses, therein leaving my planner in the old purse. Reminders to continue with the ABC-along were in the old purse. So, I completely forgot to update.
2. I got sick. Not so sick that I couldn’t bring myself to type, but sick enough that I certainly didn’t want to.
3. Full-time student. Full-time tax preparer. Moving. (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve pulled those three out).
4. I’m in full-on knitting mode, and as many a blogger has said before me, it is hard to type and knit at the same time.

E is for evenings. Evenings have become a very important time. This is because a) my new Ultimate Sweater Machine tells me that I can “knit a shrug in an evening,” and b) I’m moving to a place with much more space for gardening. So immediately, I see pictures of myself wearing a worn-out floral dress and gardening boots contently weeding and watering every evening. I blame it on this picture from the upcoming film The Edge of Love.

E is for eggs. Because Dustpan Alley‘s recent post has gotten me to thinking about them. In high school, I saw eggs as an evil thing because they came from evil smelly chickens that attacked my shins. Then, I moved to a place where only store-bought eggs were readily accessible. Eggs that are already two weeks old when you buy them. Eggs with pastelly yolks that just don’t beat well. So now I need to find a place to buy eggs from happy, healthy chickens. But how?

E is for energy. I need more!


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