G is for … I don’t know what G is for.

I really just want to do a general update. And, you know, post some knitting pictures. Because isn’t this suppoused to be a knitting blog?

1. Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan (Ravelry)

This is kind of the redheaded-stepchild of all of my projects. I know it’s there, and I don’t treat it poorly; I just ignore it. I really have no feelings toward it at all. However, I do fear that it will make me smell like a wet dog if I ever wear it. So perhaps it will be sold? We’ll see.

2. If my calculations are correct, I only have to work fifteen more days, and then tax season is over. FIFTEEN MORE DAYS! That’s only 120 hours! And, most March clients are happy, patient, reasonable people (so far). Finally, I’ll actually be able to make some progress on all of the moving and decorating and sewing and knitting and planning that I have to do!

3. Lacy Beanie (Ravelry)

Is it a problem that I really don’t remember making this hat? She’s a nice little topper, even though she doesn’t look too great in the picture. I’d include a picture of me wearing it (I decided it was too weird to continue referring to a hat as a “she”), but I’m so terribly unphotogenic unless the picture is taken by someone who really knows what they’re doing.

4. I really need to send in my applications to this summer’s fairs. I intend to show my work at Orem’s Summerfest (June 13-14) or Springville’s Art City Days (June 8-14) (I haven’t decided which yet), Lindon’s Lindon Days (August 4-11), Pleasant Grove’s Strawberry Days, and maybe Provo’s Freedom Festival (July 3-5). But before I send in my applications, I need to come up with a name! Here are my options thus far:

  • Something Else (this is really boring, but I like the flexibility of it)
  • Cathexis (I don’t like the word so much, but I really like what the word means)
  • Follow the threads (or something like that. Apparently it’s a legal term)

Thought I’d have more than that? Thought I was creative? Well you’re wrong.

5. Scrunchie Hand Warmers (Ravelry)

I do love this project, despite the jogging (if only I had seen this before I started), and how terribly slow it is. Why is it slow? Because the yarn is too soft, the needles are too blunt, and there is a lot of ribbing. But they’ll be so lovely when completed.

6. You’d think I’d be reconsidering this whole ABC-along thing, but I’m really not. It’s a good reason to keep posting, and I like the organization of it. I don’t know how I feel when it comes to difficult letters like “U” and “X”, but we can worry about that later.

7. Seaman’s Cap (Ravelry)

I finished this a hundred-thousand-million years ago, and really haven’t done anything with it since. But it’s suppoused to be for my nephew Benson. For Christmas. 2007. But I don’t want to give him a present and forsake his little brother. I mean, I’ll still give Jack a present, of course. I just haven’t finished it yet.Anyway, I actually really like the pooling patterns on this hat. The brim has this awesome candy-like swirl all the way around. However, since then I have found the perfect recipe for a hat. So I probably won’t make this pattern again.


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