Close call.

So I was in my office knitting a pair of underwear (shut up, I’m fulfilling a dream).

In comes a client, so I set them aside, and prepare their taxes. We’re getting along quite well, laughing and sharing common enemies (i.e. Springville city council). At the end of the interview, client asks if that is a ball of yarn behind me. “Yes,” I blithely reply, thinking nothing of it.

“Can I see what you’re making?”

Terror! Embarrassment! I handed over the half-made undies, and put on a smiling face. The client looks perplexed and asks what it is. I say that I haven’t decided yet.

“It looks like a dinosaur’s head.” Says the client’s daughter. I reply that that’s what it must be, then.

Crisis averted.



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3 responses to “Close call.

  1. LOL at least it wasn’t something with holes in it! (if you know what I mean)

  2. germonderpop

    HAHAHAHS;LDJFHAHAHAHAAAAAA. Okay, that’s enough.

  3. There is absolutely NOTHING to be embarrassed about when it comes to anything having to do with underwear! At least I don’t think so. I have been known to show off mine on a regular basis, and I think everybody else should also. I mean, it’s the same joy you get when you tell somebody your secret birthday wish. Like you are so awesome for having a secret wish that is so colorful and frilly, and now somebody else knows about it.

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