Tada!: Blue Beret.

Pattern: Boho Beret by Shannita Williams-Alleyne
Pattern source:
Available as a free Ravelry download
Size: The largest, to fit my big head.
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Needles: US 6 circular
Date Started: March 29 2008.
Date Completed: April 2 2008.

I started this to get me through the last days of tax season. Endless rows of knits make time go by faster. Also, I’ve had this (delicious) yarn for quite some time, and I just had to make something out of it. It was too pretty to just sit in its basket.

The pattern isn’t my favorite, but it is hard to find a good free beret pattern out there. I really only chose this one because I didn’t want to figure out my own shaping.

Of course, the yarn is wonderful. Alpaca is one of my very favorite fibers, and Berroco makes a fine alpaca yarn. The color of this particular skein is just magnificent. Some of this particular brand’s colors are pretty bland, and then others have a wonderful depth, for a decent price. And it’s soooo soft.

Mods I made

  • I omitted the lace panel.
  • Honestly, I can’t remember what else I did or didn’t do.

Mods I should have made

  • Knitted the ribbing a couple needle sizes smaller.


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2 responses to “Tada!: Blue Beret.

  1. Okay, so, another comment.
    When reading an entire month, you have to scroll down the page to get to the first post of the month. Yes. Duh, I know.
    I started scrolling down this month of April here, and OMG. It was like having an orgasm. The swift flashes of pleasureful color. Spasms of beauty. If’n you haven’t scrolled down the month of April very quickly, I suggest you do so.

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