I’ve accepted the fact that I will never finish every project I start. But I should at least document them. Maybe that will guilt me into finishing something.

1. Clapotis (and here’s my project on ravelry)

I started this when I was just learning to knit. And it was a great project to learn on, but now I can see all of the stupid things I did. First of all, the yarn is cotton. And you all know how I love cotton, but this really isn’t the right project for it. It needs to be something with much more drape, and realistically this one will just look like a big, worn down dishcloth. It will most likely be ripped.

2. The curtains. Just follow the link for a picture. I finished one, but I’m a total wuss when it comes to blocking. Really, I’m in the middle of moving (read: my house is a mess), and large clean flat surfaces are hard to come by. Plus I really want blocking wires. Pins are just ridiculous.

3. Revenge Octopus (and my project on ravelry)

This was supposed to be a Christmas present. For 2007. Sorry, loved ones.

4. Party Apron (and my project on ravelry)

Well, I’m finished with the knitting. And I have the buttons and the ribbons I need to finish it. But it’s still in the box.

5. Family reunion scarf (and the ravelry page)

I started this when I had no idea what I was doing. The yarn is too nice (100% angora) for the mistakes I made.  I still kind of like the theory behind the random striping, and the cables. But I’m probably going to rip it.

6. Mrs. Darcy (and my ravelry project)

I just got past the back ribbing on this one. It was a while after I abandoned it that I hit the wall with my knitting (you know – the place where stockinette is no longer torture). I could finish it up pretty quick now. Except for that this week I started a new one, out of some nice alpaca. So I’m not very motivated with this particular piece.

7. Mitten

This yarn … I know it’s supposed to be nice, but I left it out one night when I used the humidifier, and now it won’t let go of the smell of wet dog. It’s the same situation (in the same color, even) with my Anthro-inspired Cardi.

8. Scrunchie Wrist Warmers (ravelry)

Soft yarn, blunt needles, and lots of ribbing made this almost intolerable. But now that I’ve mastered the Norwegian purl, I think I could finish these before winter. It would take that long because it would still be pretty infuriating, and I’m not a patient person.

That’s all I’ve taken pictures of, but there are at least twenty more.


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