Catching up.

I really miss this cat. I’m constantly seeing him out of the corner of my eye, turning excitedly, and then realizing that no, that isn’t Winston, it’s a patch of sunlight on the carpet or my pile of dirty laundry. So if anyone wants some very nice corgis, please come and take them away so I can get Winston over here.

I’m thinking of starting Finished Object posts a la Kathryn Ivy. So I’ll probably be writing a bunch of posts, and then pre-dating (is that a sufficient opposite of post-dating?) the posts to the day the project was finished.

Did I mention how much I miss this cat?

WHAT IS THIS? (Not the barn, the blurry thing in the front.) I know that it has something to do with fibers, so I bought four of them. This is the smallest, the largest is about three feet long, and kind of octagonal.

These aren’t nearly as cool as they’re cracked up to be. I’m really disappointed by them, actually. They take up three times the space of a normal hanger, and if the garment has any sort of sleeve, they make the silhouette very Frankenstein.

I don’t know if I told you this already, but here is my car. I just passed the 600 mile mark a few days ago. And I still love it more than ever.

I just found the group Silly String on Ravelry, and I’m really excited about it. The challenge for June is to make words out of crochet, and then crochet around them. I’m going to put this above the door from my apartment to the backyard. I filled in most of the gaps while watching America’s Best Dance Crew (which is hilarious) last night, and I’m getting more and more excited about it. It’s a great way to boost your crocheting chops. I was going to create a tutorial, but then I remembered how lazy I am.

This is the best part of summer. We have about fifteen different kinds of peppermint in the front yard, and they make the most tingly tea ever. Also, I highly recommend this coffee/tea press from Ikea. This also made me realize that there is no granulated sugar OR honey in this house.

I hate blocking. I. HATE. BLOCKING.


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One response to “Catching up.

  1. germonderpop

    The square-shaped thing? That looks like the circular things you use to make hats really fast.

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