Well, crafty content.

I’ve been taking a bunch of poor quality photos.

Vintage beads

I’ve also been beading … very little. I want to make beautiful things like these, but I might need to take a class or something. There aren’t good books on beading or jewelry making in my local library.

Simplicity 5435

Smocking! Pockets! Belted at the waist! I want it in red gingham or a 90’s floral. And I might shape the pockets like hearts.

McCall's 5490

I want the dress second from the left in that exact color. And yes, these patterns were $0.25. And they’re all my size, or close to it. I flipped out when I saw them! And if I liked maxi dresses (which I don’t), I would want the white on on the right.

I’ve been crafting up a storm, but taking pictures of the things I make just make me sad. I was spoiled with that DSLR, and now nothing else even comes close.

Phew, now I don’t feel so bad about posting another meme!



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2 responses to “Well, crafty content.

  1. You are so lucky! I’ve been looking for McCall’s 5490 in an 8, boohoo.

  2. I showed you my giant collection of vintage patterns that I bought on ebay while I was in Brazil, didn’t I? Um, yeah, I am very proud of it, and if I haven’t showed it to you yet, I really need to.

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