Gaah, knitting frustration! I have the yarn, I have the needles, I have the patterns – the stars should be aligning but they refuse to! Can I hire a knitting dojo or something? Is dojo even a word?

Edit: Dojo is a room in which judo is practiced or something. I mean a guru or a spiritual adviser of some sort.

1. If I could travel back in time, I’d go to the premiere party of The Big Chill, and I would seduce William Hurt. I actually have a list written down of the first ten things I have to do when I gain access to a time machine. And William Hurt is more important to me than stopping the great potato famine before it starts.

2. Give me something thoughtful and useful or give me nothing at all. Or money. But thoughtless, impersonal gifts that are useless really make me sad.

3. I am listening to “Can’t Buy Me Love” from the album Bach on Abbey Road. Seriously one of the best cd’s I own.

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking ‘why on earth was Mark eliminated before Twitch? Mark is so much better!’

5. I’ll always be dissatisfied.

6. My idea of a good time includes knitting, gossip, music (especially karaoke), intelligent conversation, well-dressed people, roller coasters, and/or thrift store shopping.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to moping around, tomorrow my plans include moping around and maybe a tray of muffins and Sunday, I want to convince my dad that our dog has a tumor on his penis without actually having to say the word “penis” in front of him.



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3 responses to “Ffi

  1. About #7: Our dear sis-in-law Cami’s family calls it a nicky – maybe you should use that word. And I hope I love my cat fleece qualifies as a thoughtful and useful gift. You do love your cat, right?

  2. Lesa Dean

    Yeah, I’m not so sure your dad could handle your using the P-word to his face, even if you ARE talking about the dog! Maybe write him a note? That could be a little easier for him to tolerate. (He’s a big boy, but some things you just don’t feel comfortable hearing from your children!)

    As your mother, I have to admit that I did a doubletake just READING item #7!

  3. Use the word schwing-schwong. It has always served me well.

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