Really late vacation update.

A long time ago, (ask Jenn if you want specifics, we went at about the same time) I went to the Great Uintah Basin National Park or something like that for a camping trip, and took a few photos.
Wheeler Peak

A view of Wheeler Peak from the road up to my campground.

The glorious Honda Fit

Harry Truman! He was looking fine on this trip.Through the car window

Taken through the car window. This was a lovely time of year to go (once again, you’ll have to talk to Jenn, because I don’t know what I’m talking about) because the quakies were at their brightest green and the pines were beautiful and dark in comparison. It’s one of my favorite things about Utah.The best car in the world

There he is again! At the actual campground, this time.

Obviously I’m not much of a picture taker. I rag on my poor mother for never taking pictures with people in them, when I’m just as bad. So much for evolution.



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3 responses to “Really late vacation update.

    Harry Truman does look nice.
    Inside park? Really pretty (and buggy).
    Drive from Delta to park? THE SEVENTH CIRCLE OF HELL, or as I like to say, like the moon, except the moon has more vegetation.

  2. Mr. Truman is looking like that little scuffle he got into in Cedar City didn’t really affect him at all.

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