Battle wounds.

I foolishly keep my work-in-progress basket right next to the end-table that has become my office. Because of this, I can now claim my first official Knitting Scout Badge.


The badge says that you have to seek the advice of a medical professional due to knitting-related wounds, but I did ask the nurse in my school’s Student Health Center if I could have a band-aid. And I love badges, so I’m running with it.

Someday I’ll take pictures of the actual knitting, I promise.

P.S. I’m working on a list of knitting-blog links, off to the side. Please don’t make any requests to be included in my links until I’m all the way done with my current list. I’ll tell you when that happens.


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  1. Nice. You look so very concerned about that second ow. And I would love to see the look on your dad’s face if he caught you trying to take pictures of the bottom of your foot.

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