Six and six and six and I’m cheating.

Jenn tagged me to do that sixth picture six album meme, and I’m kind of going to cheat. All of these pictures are the sixth picture in an album, but the album isn’t necessarily the sixth. I just want to show off, basically. You’ve probably seen all of these pictures before, but … I don’t really care. It’s just a nice reminder.

Sheesh, Winston used to be so cute. I mean, he’s still ridiculously cute, but … older. Kittens are just so great. Here he’s in the peak of his pre-teen-dom.

Speaking of pre-teen-dom … Here I am in the narrows, which is a canyon of some sort that’s a very popular destination in Utah. Obviously it’s pretty cool. That shirt was my favorite piece of clothing at the time. No idea where it went. And yeah. I had braces. For four years.

Oh, Scout. I love this dog dearly. I’ve been missing him lately, I’m never at home when he’s awake.

The freeform bra of New Years’ Eve 2008! This was so much fun to make, I don’t know why I haven’t moved on to the second cup yet.

My boss and I were models for that scarf feature from forever ago. It was awkward.

Janeal and I! That girl sure loves a good photobooth session. I remember we were acting out scenes from movies or television or something, but I’m not sure what. Sidenote: Her wedding is so soon! She and I are going bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday.

Anyway, the real rules are to post your sixth photo from your sixth album and explain it. However, my typical tag recipients all recently did the same thing, but it was fourth and fourth instead of sixth and sixth. So I’m going to wimp out.


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One response to “Six and six and six and I’m cheating.

  1. germonderpop

    I love how we’d been planning on making bras since Shakespeare 2004 when we saw a bra kit at the dollar store, and when we finally got around to it, you made just one cup, and I didn’t make any at all.
    Also, I love that picture of you in the scarf feature.
    And, the photobooth picture- I forgot how short your hair was!

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