LoveFest: yarn baskets, crocheted stones, and golden crowns

On Bloglines, unarguably the best feed reader out there, users have the option to save posts. I have taken advantage of this option, but haven’t followed up. These little gems have been just waiting to be shown off. So I’m starting a new series on both of my blogs, to occasionally show off my favorite posts of the past year-ish. The pictures are the links. Enjoy!

Lovely Leslie over at a friend to knit with made these yarn baskets out of scraps and glue, and I want to make them so bad. However, I don’t know where I would put them. Or what I would use them for. And I’m afraid they’d go as unappreciated gifts. So I’m thinking next time I have a dinner party (ha …) I’ll serve candy or something in these. Also, the idea came from Rosie O’Donnell. Seriously.

This crocheted stone from Bella Dia was inspired by the scores of crocheted stones over at Resurrection Fern. And I love the Resurrection Fern stones, don’t get me wrong. But this one is just so … lovely. The colors, the design – it’s got to be my favorite crocheted stone so far. Once again, I want to make it so much, but when/where/why?

I want to make one of these crowns (tutorial on Bitter Betty Blogs) and wear a lovely dress and be pretty/perfect like Alix.



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3 responses to “LoveFest: yarn baskets, crocheted stones, and golden crowns

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  2. germonderpop

    You asked, “Why should I make these?”
    I ask, “Why not?”
    Let’s have a craft day and make the yarn baskets, because I absolutely love that idea. I’m going to use those as Easter baskets this year.

    Where do you find these crafts??

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