Quick and unsatisfying

Do you ever feel the compulsion to knit so strongly that you can’t fall asleep? I do. Right now.

It’s 1:43 a.m., I should have been in bed at 11 (you know – so I can wake up at noon), and I can’t put this top-down baby cardigan down. I cast it on at about 10 p.m., which was a big mistake – never cast on or drink caffeine after 8 o-clock. And it’s made out of a recycled yarn that I sleeve-dyed, which was another big mistake – especially never cast on with ambiguously-colored, well-loved merino yarn after 8 o-clock. And it’s top down, which was yet another mistake, as top-down cardigans and toe-up socks are especially addictive. Damn.

But hey, maybe I’ll actually take a picture of this project – I’ve been thinking that as soon as I have another well-lit spring evening and a functional non-webcam camera I’ll take pictures of the dozens and dozens of things I’ve finished, and put these pictures here. Because not much is worse than a knitting blog with no knitting content. Sigh.

Screw it. I nobly put the project in my knitting bag where it belongs at this late hour, but I’m just going to give in to it. Tomorrow won’t be awesome, but maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep earlier than usual because of the knitting-driven sleep deprivation. So really, staying up all night to continue on this cardigan is a good thing. It’s a drastic measure to get my sleep cycle back on track. That feels much better.

P.S. I’m just going to say it – kfb-ing isn’t all that bad if it’s done well. I rescind my statement saying that it’s a novice’s increase, with no individual worth. In fact, in a top-down raglan, I kind of like it. Don’t judge.



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2 responses to “Quick and unsatisfying

  1. I totally agree about the not starting something too late in the day – I stayed up last night casting on for a sweater, and ended up going to bed way later than I wanted to!

  2. Caitlin

    kfb-ing is great. Eckspecially the lil’ bumplet it makes in a boring row of stockinette. Perfect on a top down sweater. Also, I recommend holding your knitting and trying to keep going while you fall asleep. I think it is entirely possible that you may make some good progress while you sleep.
    Hey guess what! I felted my first color-work project! It was very exciting.

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