I miss it even when I’m here.

Little surprises like this make me love Utah:

"knitting is love" graffiti

My friend/employee (well, until this Saturday) Loraine found this perfect graffiti behind Muse Music in Provo, which is just a few miles South of my home. It’s wonderful to know that there’s some other local who loves knitting and graffiti. I’ve been making sweaters and accessories for the statues on my campus lately, inspired by the queen of knitted graffiti, Knitta.

I should say that Loraine will be my employee until this Saturday not because she is being fired, but because I am leaving. Well, I intended to leave but it turns out I’m just switching positions. Or departments. We’ll see.

Also, did I mention that I was featured in one of my favorite knitting podcasts, It’s a Purl, Man? Well, I was. And I talked too fast, and too close to the microphone.


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One response to “I miss it even when I’m here.

  1. Caitlin

    WTF?! He called you Melissa! You’re probably okay with it, considering how much it happens. You should just add an extra “E” to your name, like, Meleesa. That looks ever so slightly ridiculous.

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