Once-in-a-lifetime occurrence

I found all three of my measuring tapes, and they are currently not just in the same room, but in the same drawer. All three of them. I almost told the Yarn Harlot over Twitter because she is the only person I can be certain would understand what a phenomenon this is.

The pity gif is of what will soon be this cardigan, made of this (in lemongrass) and this (in yucca mix). It’s coming along swimmingly. Every once in a while I doubt the eyelet raglan increases – because it’s made of wool and alpaca, and why do eyelets in a warm sweater? I’ll tell you why: The same reason that sweater is short sleeved. (This reason? Because.)

I’m still working ceaselessly on baby items. I finished this cardigan in black yesterday and this hat in blue with a pom pom this morning. Perhaps I will take pictures. If you’re very nice.


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