Lovefest: Leethal, flowers, and a monster

As usual, the pictures are the links.

I kind of have a huge, long-lasting craft crush on Lee Meredith, also known as Leethal, of Do Stuff! Click the picture for a link to a post filled with the most amazing things. Seriously, every picture makes me die a little, it’s so good.

These light-bulb vases (found via Dollar Store Crafts, who found it via a couple other people) are so very lovely. However, since I live in a very Republican state, I’m afraid I can’t pull them off without being white trash. Screw it, I’m okay with that. We have scores of Hollyhocks in my yard, and they’re terribly difficult to display in vases, but these would be perfect.

Monsters are about the most fun things to sew. And this one (found via Dooce, who just had the baby this was intended for) is just delicious. I want to use it as inspiration to make one of my own, but I’m thinking it should be made of a patchwork fabric. And have a bow on it’s head. And a crocheted curly-que tail. I don’t know who made the monster, because Dooce’s post is more about the custom onesie.



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3 responses to “Lovefest: Leethal, flowers, and a monster

  1. it’s an uglydoll. they’re incredibly squishy and adorable. i have a few on my couch 🙂

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