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This pattern is cool. I wanted to fill the frogs with rice so they could be both a toy and baby-warmer. Because lately I’ve been paranoid and can’t even imagine how any small child can survive a Utah winter. All the babies are going to die of frostbite unless I can keep them warm with rice bags.

Anyway, I forgot that last week our last box of rice was infested with wee little bugs, so all I had were some really old lentil-like things in a mason jar, or unpopped popcorn. I went with the ambiguous beans. Anyway, next time I make this pattern I’d like to make the frogs a bit more hefty, because right now they seem kind of malnourished. And I’d use rice. And I wouldn’t use beads for the eyes, because they will most likely be torn off the frogs’ heads and swallowed. And then all the babies will die of frostbite and suffocation.

Also, the green frog was made from an old vintage blouse that I’ve had for years but maybe worn twice. After chopping up the back of the blouse, I noticed that it was by Judy Bond. And I can’t remember if that’s a vintage brand that I’m supposed to worship or not. So I’m confused and guilty. The red frog is just made from thrifted scrap fabric.

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4 responses to “Ribbit.

  1. Judy Bond is James’s sister.
    Yes, I’m freaking HILARIOUS.
    I love the frogs. And I love my crafty sister.
    Remember that.

  2. cuuuuuuuuuuutttttteeeee.
    i love them 🙂
    it’s so fun to make stuff for babies!

  3. Caitlin

    The key is to keep the baby strapped to your own body warmth. You know that already. And hats! Hats are also key. Speaking of hats, how do you feel about ridiculous baby bonnets?

    • Mel

      I don’t know how I feel about baby bonnets. Is it weird that I’m considering finding religion so that I can show of baby dresses and bonnets?
      Now that I think of it, I don’t know what a baby bonnet would look like. I can only think of the ostrich-plume knitted variety.

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