“Aran” baby blanket

"Aran" crocheted baby blanket

Pattern: Aran Baby Blanket by Kim Biddix (Ravelry link)
Source: Caron International
Yarn: Pigsah Yarn Peaches & Creme, 100% cotton, 690 yards – I used the remnants of one cone, plus a bit of a second. So I can’t really estimate my yardage.
Hook: US I
Started: August 24, 2009
Ended: August 29, 2009

Eh, not much to say about this one. Ecru cotton, simple blanket. I ditched the bobbles in the pattern after three pattern repeats, because I suck at bobbles. You can kind of see one failed bobble in the bottom-center-area of the picture.

I hated the bobbles so much, that I actually e-mailed Alice of Futuregirl to ask her if she knew of any good bobble tutorials or had any tips. She actually replied! She’s really nice, and one of the best crocheters in the business. Her tutorials are insane. Good insane. Great insane.

My crocheted-baby-blanket mojo hasn’t quite run out yet, and I think I’m going to do this one next. Out of a recycled blend. It’ll be my first time translating a British pattern, let’s hope it works.


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  1. i love bobbles 😦 crochet on the other hand, i can’t get my head around.

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