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Update your reader!

In case you’re still following this blog, you should know that I’ve decided to make a change.

From now on I’ll only be blogging at The Thrifting Vignettist.

I’ll still be blogging about knitting and crafting, but I figured now would be a good time to simplify a bit. So head over there!


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All of those pretty squares I blocked? The squares that took all afternoon and all night to dry? There were nineteen of them. Nineteen pretty little squares were stretched and dried while one stray sat on the counter inside, unnoticed and forgotten. I doubt I’ll be able to sew together all of those squares before the last one dries. But still. Really annoying.

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Pretty enough to be puked on?

Lacy motif crocheted baby blanket - blocking

I found this pattern via dlittlegarden, and I love it. Twenty blocks is just enough. Enough to make a substantial pile of wool, but not so many that the pattern bores itself into the most sacred parts of your mind and makes you want to run off of a cliff while screaming, “DC, ch 1 eight times! Join! Chain 6! …”

I don’t know if other people feel that way after making so many of the same block. Maybe I shouldn’t broadcast that.

The yarn is recycled from an Old Navy sweater, and is worsted. Ish. The pattern calls for 2 strands of DK, making a 5.5″ square. I blocked my squares to 7″. Which is fine, because this is a blanket and gauge doesn’t really matter in a blanket. No really. I promise. It drives me batty when people get so uptight about gauge.

To make the blocks, I used about 550 yards. On a size H hook. No modifications. I think that about covers the boring logistics.

This was my first time translating a crochet pattern from British English to American English. It’s actually really really easy. GarnStudios has a nice chart for it here.

Oh. If you’re a non-knitter who reads this, I should mention that in the picture the blanket is unfinished. All of those squares still need to be sewn together, and then I’ll put a border on it. Right now the squares are blocking, which makes the yarn conform to the size and shape I desire.

Speaking of crocheting squares out of recycled yarn, I miss laughingpurplegoldfish. So much. She hasn’t posted anything in one month and four days. I’m sure I’ve sung her praises here before, but she’s just such a magnificent crafter. I’m always tempted to comment on her last post about how much I miss seeing her work, but … I don’t know. I don’t want to be creepy. And I never really comment on her site – maybe 3 times total. But laughingpurple, if you’re out there, know that you are missed. And then post something, already.

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