Pretty enough to be puked on?

Lacy motif crocheted baby blanket - blocking

I found this pattern via dlittlegarden, and I love it. Twenty blocks is just enough. Enough to make a substantial pile of wool, but not so many that the pattern bores itself into the most sacred parts of your mind and makes you want to run off of a cliff while screaming, “DC, ch 1 eight times! Join! Chain 6! …”

I don’t know if other people feel that way after making so many of the same block. Maybe I shouldn’t broadcast that.

The yarn is recycled from an Old Navy sweater, and is worsted. Ish. The pattern calls for 2 strands of DK, making a 5.5″ square. I blocked my squares to 7″. Which is fine, because this is a blanket and gauge doesn’t really matter in a blanket. No really. I promise. It drives me batty when people get so uptight about gauge.

To make the blocks, I used about 550 yards. On a size H hook. No modifications. I think that about covers the boring logistics.

This was my first time translating a crochet pattern from British English to American English. It’s actually really really easy. GarnStudios has a nice chart for it here.

Oh. If you’re a non-knitter who reads this, I should mention that in the picture the blanket is unfinished. All of those squares still need to be sewn together, and then I’ll put a border on it. Right now the squares are blocking, which makes the yarn conform to the size and shape I desire.

Speaking of crocheting squares out of recycled yarn, I miss laughingpurplegoldfish. So much. She hasn’t posted anything in one month and four days. I’m sure I’ve sung her praises here before, but she’s just such a magnificent crafter. I’m always tempted to comment on her last post about how much I miss seeing her work, but … I don’t know. I don’t want to be creepy. And I never really comment on her site – maybe 3 times total. But laughingpurple, if you’re out there, know that you are missed. And then post something, already.


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