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Lovefest: Leethal, flowers, and a monster

As usual, the pictures are the links.

I kind of have a huge, long-lasting craft crush on Lee Meredith, also known as Leethal, of Do Stuff! Click the picture for a link to a post filled with the most amazing things. Seriously, every picture makes me die a little, it’s so good.

These light-bulb vases (found via Dollar Store Crafts, who found it via a couple other people) are so very lovely. However, since I live in a very Republican state, I’m afraid I can’t pull them off without being white trash. Screw it, I’m okay with that. We have scores of Hollyhocks in my yard, and they’re terribly difficult to display in vases, but these would be perfect.

Monsters are about the most fun things to sew. And this one (found via Dooce, who just had the baby this was intended for) is just delicious. I want to use it as inspiration to make one of my own, but I’m thinking it should be made of a patchwork fabric. And have a bow on it’s head. And a crocheted curly-que tail. I don’t know who made the monster, because Dooce’s post is more about the custom onesie.



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LoveFest: damned French perfection, time-proof crochet, and fabric pom-poms

Les Grandes Filles Mode’lles did a blog post ages ago about the most perfect knitwear in the land. (As usual, the images are the links.)

Lion Brand Yarn, one of the few worthwhile blogs from a yarn brand, wrote about how to save swatches of crochet for posterity. I want to make a card/cigarette case like this. Bah. Too much work.

Molly Chicken‘s Fabric Pom-Pom tutorial is absolutely wonderful. Wouldn’t these make the cutest baby mobiles? (Just so you know, I forgot the word “mobile” and spent exactly four minutes searching for it. I had to go to etsy to find the right word.)

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Celestina toy

Pattern: Celestine Socks by the Berroco Design Team
Pattern Source: Free on Berroco’s website
Yarn: S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes 4 ply in color 3200 Wild Print
Needles: US 0 dpn’s
Date Started: March 22, 2009
Date Finished: April 1, 2009 (yes, that was over a month ago. Shut up.)
Ravelry link.

This colorway, specifically when ending a point with either the orange or the magenta, really looked like boobs at first. But now I think it’s pretty darn cute. It was challenging and interesting, but I was still able to knit on it during classes.

Eh. Other than than I don’t have much to say. Finished this one far too long ago.

Celestina toy

Oh, I did do some sort of modification to the tips … I think I added one row before tying off. I will probably add two rows next time, because the pointier the better. (That’s what he said.)

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1. I love looking at scans of fancy-pants fashion mags that I will never purchase.

2. I love seeing knitting in unexpected places.

3. Knit-gasm:

jalouse_april09 natalia vodianova

Ack! I mean, they’re obviously not knitted letters – they’re cutouts. But still! Ack! This couldn’t wait for the next LoveFest.

EDIT: Found via Fashion Squad.

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LoveFest: Paper wreaths, plying yarn, and video game street art

I found this tutorial through Bloesem, and I want to make dozens and dozens of these out of a book of poetry and then hang them among tea-lights and windchimes from the trees in my back yard.

I found this video, called Ask CRAFT: Plying Yarn at  craft, but it’s originally from make magazine. And it’s pretty great yarn porn. I’ve never embedded a vimeo video on a blog, tell me if there’s anything wrong with it.

Found this awesomeness at boing boing, originally from Wooster Collective. Does anyone remember when someone filled the decaying outer walls of brick buildings in Vienna/Rome/random European city with legos? I’ve been wanting to steal that idea for the coolest building on UVU Campus, the Bunnell. Lego art is just so cool.

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LoveFest: yarn baskets, crocheted stones, and golden crowns

On Bloglines, unarguably the best feed reader out there, users have the option to save posts. I have taken advantage of this option, but haven’t followed up. These little gems have been just waiting to be shown off. So I’m starting a new series on both of my blogs, to occasionally show off my favorite posts of the past year-ish. The pictures are the links. Enjoy!

Lovely Leslie over at a friend to knit with made these yarn baskets out of scraps and glue, and I want to make them so bad. However, I don’t know where I would put them. Or what I would use them for. And I’m afraid they’d go as unappreciated gifts. So I’m thinking next time I have a dinner party (ha …) I’ll serve candy or something in these. Also, the idea came from Rosie O’Donnell. Seriously.

This crocheted stone from Bella Dia was inspired by the scores of crocheted stones over at Resurrection Fern. And I love the Resurrection Fern stones, don’t get me wrong. But this one is just so … lovely. The colors, the design – it’s got to be my favorite crocheted stone so far. Once again, I want to make it so much, but when/where/why?

I want to make one of these crowns (tutorial on Bitter Betty Blogs) and wear a lovely dress and be pretty/perfect like Alix.


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