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Mess, enumerated

This is just one corner of my craft/work/television/dining space. But I figured it’s the easiest way to show you what I’m most often working on lately. (Also I have a post coming up about mountains and mountains of recycled yarn … just you wait, it will be wonderful.)

Mess, enumerated



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Sneak Peek.

I feel really bad that I never post photos. Isn’t this suppoused to be a knitting blog? Well, here’s a bit of what I worked on yesterday. And if you have attitude at me because I snapped it with my phone, I’ll whoop you.

Most Sundays I do quite a bit of work on my new USM, because I’m keeping it at the house in Lindon, and that’s the only day I’m out there. Last Sunday we painted my desk (a lovely periwinkle blue, if you must know), and looking at it made me feel bad for the poor naked windows. Also, there is quite a bit of color in the room, and I needed to add some white to balance it out. Luckily, I had two cones of lace-fingering weight thick-and-thin cotton/nylon yarn that I picked up on eBay sitting around, and I figured it was the perfect fiber to make some simple anatomy-of-a-stitch curtains.

I’ve wanted to do some plain stockinette with small yarn on large needles for quite some time, just to show off the schematics of knitting. And since I didn’t want curtains that blocked the light, I figured this would be perfect. I used all the needles that my hem would allow, and have finished about 20″ so far. They’re going to be just lovely.

On a random note, this yarn sort of feels like it was spun out of toilet paper. But the really fancy expensive kind.

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