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Acceptable Vehicles

I’m car-searching. Come April, I will be selling the Mustang to find a more reliable, efficient, grown-up car. Here are my requirements:

  1. It must be a hatchback. I like the possibilities hatchbacks present.
  2. Highway mileage must be twenty-seven or above.
  3. Must be able to weather long distances.
  4. It must NOT be white. I will settle for a black or silver car if everything else is perfect.
  5. I can’t afford anything higher than $9,000.

Here are the cars that I am considering, in alphabetical order.

1. Audi A3

I don’t so much like the look of this car, but it meets the basic requirements. Plus, I like the idea of driving a German car almost as much as an American one. Actually, I would be very surprised if I wound up owning an A3.

2. Chevrolet Aveo

Realistically, this is my second choice (beat out by the Focus). But I don’t like the size of those tires at all. It just doesn’t look sturdy enough.

3. Ford Focus

This is my number one choice. I like the lines, I like the size, and I like the mileage (a lot). I’d prefer one post-2004. Also, it recently came to my attention (thanks, mom) that they’ve stopped making the hatchbacks. And I always like a car that is no longer produced. I can definitely see myself driving this car. Not in this color, of course. I’m quite used to driving a yellow car.

4. Honda Fit

Does this come with two doors? I’d like that much more. Wait, maybe I wouldn’t. Because if those back seats can fold down, think of how comfortable this would be to sleep in. Perfect for road trips.

5. Honda Civic

Could I still respect myself if I drove a Honda Civic? It would be tough, but maybe I could. I mean, it has to be reliable if it’s so popular, right? And this car doesn’t look too bad. I guess it would make me feel kind of … kicky.

6. Kia Spectra

I would have to get the two-door. I am not liking the look of that grill.

7. Mini Cooper

Only if I can find one for the right price with fold-down back seats would I even consider this. But … it is kind of cute.

8. Pontiac Vibe

This is as mommy-wagon as I could possibly go. But it is a nice car, isn’t it?

9. Scion xA

I really really really like Scions. But, I doubt I could find one in my price range.

10. Scion xB

This is the largest I would go. And I suspect I’d get a lot of crap for driving this car, but I like it so much! Problem: I’d have to replace my windshield every five minutes. I ruled out a Jeep for just that reason, but … it’s a Scion!

11. Suzuki Aerio

I really like this one. In fact, it might just tie with the Aveo. Yes, I just decided that it does. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me introduce you to my second choice: the Suzuki Aerio.

12. Toyota Yaris

Yeah, it’s a long shot. But it’s so cool!

13. Volkswagon Golf

Not the cutest. But I like the idea behind it. And I hear it’s a nice car.

14. Volkswagon Rabbit

Another obscure chance. But it seems like a nice car, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to drive it.

Okay, so that’s all of it. Suggestions, warnings, or ideas welcome!


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I yearn for yarn.


Dear Santa,

I thought I would make your Christmas shopping a bit easier. Here is an extensive, specific Christmas list. It is in no way all-inclusive (or vice-versa, for that matter), but I thought it would, if anything, get you started on the right track. I’ve been working on it for months.

Oh, and I’ve been very good all year, bla, bla, bla.

1. A Citizen folding bike in yellow. If only I had this bike, I could stop spending thirty-freaking-dollars a week on gas. And it could fit in my trunk, so when I move, I wouldn’t have to install a bike rack to bring it with me. And yeah, it is kind of ugly, but the rest of the folding bikes are ridiculously expensive. I’m thinking of you here.

1 1/2. My So Called Life (the complete series) on DVD. This is probably one of the best television shows in the history of mankind.

1 3/4. A Sephora Blockbuster Pallet. It’s AMAZING. And only $48.

2. Here is the entire (well, almost) list of yarn I would need to complete my ravelry queue, including prices.

Wow, that took forever. I hope you appreciate the hours I put into that.

3. Books! After some consideration, I decided to organize these by genre.

  1. Fiction

2. Non-fiction; miscellaneous

3. Non-fiction; craft

That’s it for now, Santa. I’ll send you an updated list soon.




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Filthy Lucre

I started tallying up how much it would cost if I just bought all the yarn I need for my queue in one fell swoop. Of course, I pushed the wrong button on my calculator and ruined the process about half way through, but it came up to nine hundred and ninety six dollars.


That’s not even all of it! That’s just part of the way through the list!

This is not a good thing, is it? I mean, I should be using my money (and time) to buy cars and prepare for mortgages and pay for gas, right? It seems like I have to choose between my yarn and a happy retirement.

I need another Popsicle and some Vapo-Rub.

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