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Dead end.

I’m currently not packing for a weekend trip to Colorado. This trip will technically be five full days, I’m going to a convention that I’m really not all that interested in, and I have no other plans. I plugged those factors into my knitting calculator (available at most local yarn stores in the invisible-but-totally-necessary section) and the calculator replied that under these conditions, I should travel armed with at least five knitting projects. Which would normally be easy, as I have chronic cast-on-itis.

However, I’ve completely run out of knitting and crocheting mojo. Bullets:

  • I had the mojo once. I had a whole basket full of mojo.
  • I then got really into recycling yarn, which is very labor-intensive and time-consuming when you don’t own a swift. So I pushed the mojo to the side for the sake of the sweaters.
  • I started Frou Frou (ravelry link), and was loving it. I was doing it in the Oatmeal colorway of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool, which is the softest colorway of the bunch. And I love the drape of granite stitch on a large hook. I got through the back, sleeves, and one half of the front when I realized that the monster I was creating in no way resembled a sweater. If I attempted to seam it it would perhaps look like a sweater for an amputee in a distorted mirror if the person looking at it was polite. I knew my stitch count was off. I adjusted for it. I counted again and again. I want to rip the whole damn thing, divorce it, take all it’s money, and then cut the brake lines in it’s car.
  • I want to make this shawl (as inspired by Oiyi) with the red skein of Shetland that I dyed. But it’s too itchy. And to stiff? I don’t know.
  • I started some baby socks, which are a great pleasure to knit. But then I lost one of my four US size 1 dpn’s. You need at least four to make socks.
  • I’m working on some worsted-weight socks for me, but I would need my computer with me as I’m making huge modifications to the pattern and I don’t trust the modifications to be remembered or well documented with my phone or a notebook.

Dammit! I’m so frustrated by this. I brought some needlework, but I know that as soon as I get there I’ll get my mojo back. It’s been that kind of week. Screw it. I’m packing these things and making it work:

  • 2 sweaters to rip – both laceweight nylon/alpaca/wool blends.
  • 260 yards of vintage worsted weight bright yellow wool
  • The three leftover skeins of worsted weight hand-dyed shetland
  • One spool of size 20 crochet cotton
  • Two small skeins of worsted kitchen cotton
  • One skein laceweight wool
  • One skein Berroco Ultra Alpaca
  • One two three skeins of various variegated/self-striping sock yarn.
  • Two skeins of random wool/acrylic worsteds, one grey and one bright orange (hidden in my clothes bag because this is getting kind of ridiculous.
  • 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders and 101 Luxury One-Skein Wonders
  • Super Stitches Knitting (a stitch dictionary)
  • Crochet hooks: sizes N, I, H, G, 00, and 5
  • Dpn’s: 5 size US 7’s
  • Straights: US sizes 11, 10 1/2, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, and 2.
  • Other essentials, such as a measuring tape and gauge/needle size calculator
  • I don’t have the awesomest circular collection, so I’ll maybe not bring any.
  • Also, I have some US 6 straights just sitting here, might as well bring them, too.

Wow. Sorry for this post. Terribly boring. I’ll let you know if I’ve run out of mojo permanently.

Oh. Also, we’re taking the Porsche. So I’ll let you know how on earth I fit all this damn yarn (which has no damn purpose) in the damn car. Thank goodness for cross stitch.


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Really late vacation update.

A long time ago, (ask Jenn if you want specifics, we went at about the same time) I went to the Great Uintah Basin National Park or something like that for a camping trip, and took a few photos.
Wheeler Peak

A view of Wheeler Peak from the road up to my campground.

The glorious Honda Fit

Harry Truman! He was looking fine on this trip.Through the car window

Taken through the car window. This was a lovely time of year to go (once again, you’ll have to talk to Jenn, because I don’t know what I’m talking about) because the quakies were at their brightest green and the pines were beautiful and dark in comparison. It’s one of my favorite things about Utah.The best car in the world

There he is again! At the actual campground, this time.

Obviously I’m not much of a picture taker. I rag on my poor mother for never taking pictures with people in them, when I’m just as bad. So much for evolution.


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